Monday, December 31, 2018

This Dog's New Year's Resolutions

Hello there.  I know, I haven’t been good at keeping up with the blog. I apologize. It’s been crazy busy this Holiday Season.  I helped Mom while she was making all the gift baskets.  Keeping DixieLee from getting under foot was a full time job.

Now that things have slowed down I can get back to writing regularly.

As a matter of fact, that is one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I love all of my on line friends and I love keeping in touch with you, sharing ideas and hearing about your lives.  This blog lets me do that. It’s also a way to discuss things that are important to dogs.

New Year’s Resolutions are more of a peoples thing but I think it is important that we pets reflect on our lives and see where we can make them better.

Lots of peoples make resolutions to get more exercise and eat better. I think that is a great resolution and I am going to help Mom and Dad keep that one, even if it’s not one they choose.  I am going to make sure that they get out and take big walks every day.  We may have to wait until the weather gets warmer, but I will make sure it happens.

I will also make sure they eat better.  That’s also an easy one.  Whenever they start eating stuff that isn’t “healthy” like potato chips, I will stare and stare until they feel guilty and put the bag away.

I explained New Year’s Resolutions to DixieLee and she is making resolutions to stop stealing socks and to stop eating paper towels.  Stealing her socks is a good way to get Mom moving in the morning but we decided that throwing a toy works good too.  

As far as eating paper towels, I have tried to tell her that it is bad, bad, bad for her tummy and stealing them off of the counter makes Mom not happy.  She said she was going to try really, really hard to do better.

Have you decided to make a New Year’s Resolution?  Let us know what it is so we can share what is important to the health and well being of our friends.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019.



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