Thursday, April 26, 2012


We've been seeing alot of posts recently about dogs that have been stolen! Figuring out which pets were stolen or simply lost is not easy.   According to the American Kennel Club 224 dogs stolen during the first seven months of 2011, that's 49% more than the same period in 2010.  In 2008 there were 71 cases reported.  WOW!

Some people say the economy is to blame for the increase in dognapping.  They say that stolen dogs are being sold over the Internet, are being held for ransom or that because people don't have the money to get a pet from a shelter, they are stealing other people's pets.  Yorkies, Pomeranians and other small breed dogs are especially popular breeds of dognappers since they are easy to snatch and hide.

As if that's not scary enough, really, really, really bad people are stealing dogs to use as bait dogs.  Bait dogs are used to train fighting dogs.  They use dogs that are stolen from happy homes and teach other dogs to kill them. Remember the Michael Vick story?  Yeah, I belive he has been rehabilitated.

Here are some things people can do to help protect their dogs from dognappers.

1.  Don't leave your dog unattended.  It only takes a minute to untie the leash from a parking meter or post outside of your favorite coffee shop.

2.  Heatstroke is not the only bad thing that can happen to a dog left unattended in a car.  They can get stolen.

3.  Never let your dog roam free in the neighborhood.

4.  Don't leave your dog in a fenced in yard when you are not home.  It only takes a minute to open your gate and walk away with your pet.

5.  Make sure your dog ALWAYS wears a collar and they id tags. 

6.  Microchip your pet and make sure you register with the proper agency.  A microchip that is not registered is useless.

7.  Keep proof of ownership papers handy.  They can simply be the paperwork that you got with your town tags or from your vet.

8.  Keep a recent photo handy.

If your dog should go missing.  Report it immediately to the local aurhorities and shelters.   Print up fliers and post them around your neighborhood.  Post a photo and other information with on line rescue services.  And most importantly  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up hope.  Sometimes it takes months or even years for us to find our ways back home.  We depend on you to keepus safe and if we do get lost or stolen, to keep on looking for us.

Be safe,

Your friend,