Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

I was talking with my friends Bumo and Miu who live in India.  They are having the hottest summer in ten years.  The temperatures are reaching 118F and 120F.  That's super hot! They are lucky that they live in a house that has air conditioning.

It doesn't usually get that hot here in New England but it still gets hot enough to be dangerous for us dogs.  Everybody knows that dogs should not be left in a car at all in the summer because even if it is only 70F outside, it can get over 100F in the car very, very fast.  Leaving a window open doesn't help.

Dogs need to be able to get fresh water to drink all the time but it is even more important in the summer when we can get dehydrated.  Humans should bring along enough water to share with their dog when they go for a walk.  They have these really cute bowls that fold up or humans can just make a bowl with their hands to give their dog a drink.

We dogs like lots of exercise but it's best to exercise in the early morning or evenings when it is not too hot.  Running is fun but we get tired easily so walking is better.  Please remember that we don't wear shoes and that roads, sidewalks and sand are hot and can burn our paws.

We love to play in grass.  I especially love to roll and stretch in the cool grass so be sure not to go on grass that has been chemically treated until it is safe.

Summer time is buggy time.  Fleas, ticks and mosquitos are everywhere.  They are not only annoying, they are dangerous because they can spread serious sickness.  In New England we are especially careful of ticks that carry Lyme Disease and in the South, where my sister Dixie comes from, mosquitoes are filled with heartworm buggies.  There are shots and medicine and stuff to put on our coats to keep us from getting buggies.  Make sure you are protected.

Swimming is a good summer sport, so I'm told.  I don't particularly like swimming, which is shameful since I am part Lab.  Anyway, if your human takes you swimming, let them know if you don't like it and make sure you are a good swimmer before you go too deep.  You should never go swimming without having your human there because a big current could come along and make you drown.

The beach is a fun place but ocean water is very bad for dogs.  Dog should not drink ocean water cuz the salt and stuff can make them sick.  Also if you swim in the ocean water, get washed off when you come out cuz the salt and stuff can make your coat and skin bad.  Also watch out for that hot sand.

You may not know that dogs can get sunburned just like humans so don't stay in the sun for a long time.  There are sun screens available to help protect sensitive areas like our ears and noses.

Summer is a very fun time for dogs and their humans to play outdoors.  My sister, Dixie, and I love to wrestle outdoors in the summer time.   Let me know what your favorite thing is to do in the summer.

Have fun but remember to stay safe.

Your friend,


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