Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Santa Paws

Hello everyone,

Christmas is only a few days away so today I am writing my letter to Santa Paws.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I was too young last year to realize how much fun Christmas is.  I also didn't realize that you can actually ask Santa Paws for stuff and, if you were very good all year long, he will bring you what you asked for.
I heard my Mom talking the other day and I know I am going to get a new collar because mine is dirty. I think it got that way when I went in the pond and then ran through the field when Bella, Pyra and I were playing tag.  If I have to get a new one, I hope it's either purple to match my halter or red because I look so good in red. We 'll go to Dave's Pet Food City because I'll need to try the different collars on and Dave's is one of the few store that dogs can go in.  I love to go in Dave's and check out all of the toys and treats.  I like shopping there but I am not allowed to take any of the treats out of the bins. I'm not sure why that is.
I already know what I am getting my friends for Christmas cuz I helped make the pet  gifts we sell at Laurel Mountain Basket Co.  Our Best In Show Gift Basket is perfect for all of my friends cuz it's filled with toys AND treats!  What could be better than that?
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you get all the presents you asked for.  If you need any help choosing gifts for your friends or if your humans need help finding just the right gift for you, tell them to contact me.  I am an expert when it comes to choosing pet gifts.  You can email me at or call 413-527-1243 and talk with my Mom.  She's pretty good at helping too.
Merry Christmas everyone,
Your friend,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Dog's Eye View of Christmas

I'm so excited!  Christmas is almost here! I know because I heard some dogs on the radio singing Jingle Bells.  Last year was my first Christmas so I didn't realize the significance of the day until the night before.  That's when I found out that lots of the pretty boxes under the special tree that lit up were for me.  And those boxes were filled with TOYS!!!! 
That's when I understood that Christmas is when dogs get lots and lots of toys! So this year I'm ready.  I'm already sniffing the pretty packages but all I smell are clothes.   I hope those are for the humans cuz I don't like clothes.  My cousin Sophie like to wear sweaters and stuff, but I don't.  May be we'll buy her a new sweater from Cute Critters at the Winter Festival on Saturday at Eastworks.  And maybe I can convince Mom to buy me some cookies from Wagga Tails Treats cuz they are going to be at the Festival too.
Although the most important part of Christmas is the toys, and we pets get excited about all of the new things in our houses please remember that Christmas can be a dangerous time for us.
We all like looking at the pretty trees with their flashing lights and pretty balls, but the oil in the trees is toxic and the needles don't digest.  The chemicals people put in the water that help the tree live while it is inside are also toxic to pets.
Make sure your pets don't chew on the electrical cords that keep the lights flashing and those pretty balls, if made of glass, can easily break and those little pieces of glass can cut our paws.  Tinsel, is very tempting, but tinsel does not digest either and can get all knotted up in our bellies.  We can die from knotted up bellies.
So please be extra watchful of your pets around your Christmas tree.  In our house the tree stands on a high table so I can see it but can't reach it.  In some of my friends houses, there are gates in the doorways so the dogs can't be in the room with the tree unless there are humans in there too.  Cats are different so gates don't work for cats and cats love to climb trees. So houses with cats need to be extra careful.
So please remember to keep your pet safe during the Christmas Holiday and remember to buy them lots of toys and treats.  If you don't know what to get them, just give me a call.  I helped design all of the pet gift baskets and can help you choose the right gift for your pet.  You'll find some of our most popular ones in the Pet Gift Section of our website.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Your friend,