Thursday, December 28, 2017

Home for Christmas

Christmas is over and we are back in our routine. Getting ready for Christmas was lots of fun. We got to help Mom make lots of Christmas gift baskets, write out our Christmas cards and wrap all of the gifts.

On Christmas Eve DixieLee and I got to open one of OUR gifts. We each got a fun toy that has a ball to catch on one end and a tail to tug on the other. I got a blue one and she got a red one. Or did I get the red on and she get the blue one?

Christmas morning was not so much fun. We rushed breakfast so Mom and Dad could leave early to go visit Mom’s human family. It was snowing really, really hard and it was really, really dark when the left. They were gone for a very long time and DixieLee was worried they were never coming back.

I knew Mom was coming back cuz she told us she was when she left. She told us Tracie, our neighbor, was going to take care of us and when she came home, we would get to open another gift.

Tracie, came to feed us and let us outside but DixieLee cried and wanted Mom and Dad. She was not on her best behavior, barking and carrying on. She wouldn’t listen good to Tracie except when she was bribed with cookies. Then she was miss goody four paws.

It was hard waiting for Mom and Dad to come home and to see what our other gifts were. Having very bad weather made it worse since we couldn’t go outside much during the day and they had to drive very slow so it took forever for them to get home.

It was well worth the wait! We got extra treats and our big gift was a new unstuffed Zanie! Unstuffed Zanies are good fun. They have TWO squeakers! I got a chipmunk and DixieLee got a coyote. Or did I get the coyote and DixieLee get the chipmunk?

It’s good to get back into our routine but I think it would be fun to have more Christmas times. At least the present part.

Hope your Christmas was good and you got lots of toys and treats and bestest wishes for a healthy and happy 2018 from everyone at Paw Pals Boutique.

Your friend,


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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Night Before Christmas

Whoo. Christmas is almost here and we shipped our last batch of orders yesterday. (Maybe) DixieLee is happy because she says she will be able to sleep later in the morning now that things will be getting back to normal.

Mom and I like to stick to our routine, no matter what time of year it is. It’s true that getting up early when it’s still dark and cold out isn’t fun but once we are awake and moving, we take charge of our day and get lots done.

Dixie Lee and I like to sleep in the living room at night. I stretch out on the couch while she curls up in Dad’s chair. Around 2:00 a.m. we both go down to the bedroom and cuddle on the bed with Mom and Dad. That way we will be able to easier wake them up at 5:00 to feed us breakfast.

Breakfast is a complicated affair so even though DixieLee trusts that Mom will do it right and dozes on the couch until our bowls are filled, I always sit right in the kitchen so I can supervise better. As soon as we finish our kibble, we go back into the kitchen and up to the counter where the cookie jar is.

Mom doesn’t often forget our after breakfast cookie but you never know. She’s getting older and I understand forgetfulness is something that happens when humans get older.

After breakfast Mom works on the computer, taking orders and updating our Facebook pages and Dad goes out to get the newspaper and coffees. We help Mom with her computer work or nap until we get bored and want to go outside.  Sometimes we like to play doorman with Mom.  That's the game where we want to be in the house when we are outside and outside when we are in the house.  She isn't too fond of that game but we like it lots.

When Mom has to run errands we nap but as soon as she comes home and starts working in the Studio, we all help. 

Dad helps by restocking inventory or getting packages ready to mail. I supervise from the dog bed in the corner but DixieLee has a more hands on approach. One time she took a whole roll of ribbon and pulled it off of the roll. Mom was not pleased since ribbon that has been dragged around the floor and chewed on doesn’t make very good bows.

We work hard all day and are ready to call it a day when Mom takes the packages to the Post Office or does more computer work.  While she is gone we get our supper and an afternoon cookie.  After all, we worked hard all day and deserve a treat.

Now that Christmas is almost here, we want to wish all of our friends, furry and human, a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2018.


Zeva and everyone at Paw Pals Boutique

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