Monday, August 17, 2015

Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Dark of Night

I like to watch television with Mom and Dad.  We especially like the commercials with the dog family riding in the car.  What I don’t understand is why they laugh when all of the dogs bark at the mail truck but when DixieLee and I bark at the mail truck we get scolded and sent in the house.

We get scolded when we bark at the man who comes in the big brown truck too.  It’s not like we bark for no reason.  Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell but we don’t see so good.  When the big brown truck comes in our yard and the man starts walking toward the house, he doesn’t really look like a man.  He’s dressed in all brown just like his truck and he’s always carrying something like a big box or bag.  It could be an alien or zombie monster for all we know. 

Mom says we should like the man in the brown truck cuz he brings our food every month.  Like we can be bribed with food.  Okay, so we can be bribed with food for some stuff but that doesn’t mean we are going to let someone come near our house.

All I know is when the mail person and the man in the big brown truck hear us bark, they get scared and leave. It’s our job to protect our house and we take our job seriously.  Mom says it’s her job but she’s not all that good at keeping people away.  Sometimes she even lets them come inside!  Doesn’t she realize what could happen when they come in our house?  Our cookie jar is sitting right there in the kitchen where anyone could see it and steal our treats!

Our Mom is real smart about some stuff.   She said watching is just as good as barking and she may be right.  When we watch real good, the mailperson just stops and then goes away.  Sometimes he doesn’t even stop.  I guess he knows our house is protected by good watchers.

The man in the big brown truck doesn’t come by so often so he doesn’t know that we are as good at watching as we are at barking so he comes right into the driveway.  He leaves us no choice but to bark.  We bark very loud and can’t hear Mom say to be quiet so she shakes a can filled with pennies (it makes an awful sound) to get our attention.   She tells us we can have a cookie if we go into the house and be quiet.  Did I mention that we absolutely cannot be bribed with food?

Maybe once the man in the big brown truck learns how good we are at watching, we won’t have to bark at him either.  It worked for the mailperson and for our neighbors chickens who like to eat the bugs in our yard.  But that’s a story for another time.

Your good watching friend,
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