Friday, January 25, 2019

To Your Health

Mom works hard to make sure that DixieLee and I are healthy and happy. I bet your Mom does too. 

Poor DixieLee has had the itchies for a long, long time.  Our old Vet said to give her a peoples medicine called Benadryl.  Our new Vet said to give her another peoples medicine called Loratadine.
Even after a long time, she still has her itchies.

Then Mom read that CBD, something that she takes sometimes for chronic pain, works for itchies.  We did some research and CBD is supposed to be helpful for lots of hurts.

She also read that CBD is good for dogs as well as peoples.

I don’t understand some of the words but Mom does so I will let her explain what she read.  CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant.  Most peoples know that the cannabis plant is where marijuana comes from.  But what they maybe don’t know is that CBD comes from a different kind of cannabis plant and it is non psychoactive, which means you don’t get high.

Some of the good things about CBD is that it is safe to use, non-toxic, which we think is really, really good, and it is not expensive.

CBD is supposed to be good in helping make things like big pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress and seizures be less.  Since I am getting a little older, I am taking CBD to help me not hurt from any arthritis and I do sometimes get stressed out.  You would too if you lived with DixieLee.

I know some of our friends have been taking CBD for arthritis already.  Do you take it, and if you do, what for? I would like to know if it helps you and if you have anything bad to say about it.

Sharing information is the biggest reason I write my blog and having you share information back is helpful.

Wishing you much happiness and healthiness,


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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Turn Sad to Glad

You may not know this but Paw Pals Boutique (my company) has a FaceBook page and I spend lots of time online.  Mom thinks I spend too much time there but I need to keep up with what is happening to all my dog and cat friends. (Like us at Paw Pals Boutique)

Social Media is a great way to get humans to help lost pets find their ways home and for shelters to let peoples learn about the animals that are looking for forever homes.

I read a story about one of Mom’s friends from where we used to live, who drove his car a long way to adopt a senior dog whose human died.  It was sad enough for this dog to not have his human anymore but no body wanted him so he had to go to a shelter and we all know that senior dogs have a harder time getting adopted.

He found a great forever home because the shelter told his story on FaceBook.

DixieLee and I were both adopted because Mom saw our faces on Social Media but this post isn’t about Social Media.  It’s about shelters and pets looking for good, loving homes and what you can do to help.

When Mom sees a dog on FaceBook that needs a good home, she wants to adopt her but we live in a small house that is really full with two humans and two dogs
Maybe there are reasons you can’t ADOPT but maybe you could FOSTER. 

Shelters are so crowed, FOSTERING gives an animal a nice place to live while waiting to get adopted.

If you can’t FOSTER, maybe you could SPONSOR.  Sponsoring means giving money to go toward the care of a specific pet until they can be adopted.  Sometimes animals need surgery or expensive medical care and sponsoring can really, really help.

If you can’t SPONSOR, maybe you could VOLUNTEER.  Volunteering means you give your time to a shelter.  It could be helping care for the animals, like walking dogs or cleaning cages or it could mean giving your time stuffing envelopes for a fundraising campaign.

If you can’t VOLUNTEER, maybe you could DONATE. Donating means giving money to a shelter.  It doesn’t have to be lots, every penny helps.  And Mom says that donations are tax deductible, which I guess is a good thing.

If you can’t DONATE, you maybe could EDUCATE.  Educating is what I am doing now.  If you don’t write a blog, maybe you could share this post or you could find good animal pages on FaceBook and other Social Media sites and share their posts.

There are so many animals that need humans to help them find good, safe, loving homes and now you know so many ways that you can help.

Thanks from all the animals looking for forever homes.



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