Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zoom, Zoom, ZOOMIES!

Off the couch, down the hall, on the bed, off the bed, back down the hall, back on the couch, to the door.  Mom, Dad and I get tired just watching her but this is how DixieLee starts doing Zoomies.  When Mom finally reaches the door to the pen (Mom’s old and doesn’t move as fast as us) DixieLee bursts outside and does laps around the pen.

At first Mom was worried.  She never had a dog that did Zoomies before.  Of course everyone knows that puppies have lots of energy and run around crazy sometimes but DixieLee is a grown dog.  Zoomies (the grown up words are Frenetic Random Activity Period (FRAP)) are just a dog’s way of letting off steam.

When we didn’t know what FRAPs were, we called them “Crazy Dog” and tried to discourage the behavior.  Even with a big walk, plenty of toys to play with (DixieLee plays with toys all day long) and me to play fight with; she still has lots and lots of energy.  ‘Sides, she likes doing Zommies and smiles and smiles when she stops.

Once we figured out what was going on, we decided we would her do Zoomies.  As long as she was out in the big pen where she (and the house) was safe, it seemed best to let her get rid of her excess energy.  ‘Sides, she was having fun and fun is always a good thing to have.
We don’t discourage her from doing Zoomies but we don’t encourage her either.  We make sure we don’t chase her around or laugh too loud, sometimes that’s hard cuz she looks like she’s having so much fun.

Now Mom and I just stand on the deck and watch her run and run and run until she has had enough.  Then we all go back in the house and I can get back to serious relaxing.
A nice big fenced in pen is the best place to do Zoomies but if your house doesn’t have one, you can still do them.  Sometimes we go into the basement but stay on the carpet part.  Slippery floors are dangerous cuz you could slide and hurt your back or bang into a wall.

If you are little dog you might even be able to Zoomie around the living room as long as you don’t knock over any valuable stuff.
We never know when DixieLee is going to want to do Zoomies, but some dogs have a schedule.  Some dogs like to do them in the evening.  Another common time is right after a bath.

If you do Zoomies and your humans don’t think it’s a good for you, there are ways to help you stop.
Your humans can have you go in your crate and have a special toy to play with until the urge passes.  A Kong with peanut butter or cheese inside will keep your mind off of Zoomies for sure!  The good news is Zoomies only last for a few minutes. 

Keeping your mind busy also works.  Get your humans to play learning tricks with you like “down” or “leave it”.  I know this works cuz I get zausted when I have to think too much.
Zoomies are natural for some dogs so humans shouldn’t get angry at their puppies for doing them.  For most dogs it’s just a stage.  DixieLee on the other hand… what can I say? 

Love from,

Zeva (and her crazy sister)

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