Friday, September 20, 2013

What Is It About Cats?

I’m a pretty smart dog.  I read lots of blogs so I know a lot about a lot of stuff.   The other day I noticed our neighbor’s cat sitting in the window and realized that I don’t know much about cats.  Even more puzzling is why anyone would want to let them live in their house.  I mean, they aren’t very good guards.  They don’t warn their humans that the mail or UPS truck is coming and they don’t bark and run to the door to see who is there.
They catch mice and bugs but so does my sister Dixie, bugs anyway but I bet if she saw a mouse she could catch it.  I don’t see cats chasing anything big like a burglar or zombie.

I don’t understand why humans find cats entertaining either.  A cat will chase a dot of light around for hours and never catch it.  The human just sits there.  I would think watching TV or surfing the Net would be more fun.   At least people get exercise while playing catch or Frisbee with their dog.
Cats don’t know how to get the full value from their toys.  I have not seen one cat toy that was mangled or chewed up so much it had to be taken away.  Cats also love cat nip.  They have these little toys filled with the stuff.  I tried cat nip once.  We had some cat nip toys and pillows for sale when we had our shop.  I don’t know what the big deal is, it did nothing for me.

Do people realize that cats don’t care if their humans go away?  When Mom and Dad go away for a time, I miss them and let them know how much when they come home.  Cats don’t even seem to notice who is home and who isn’t.   It’s like cats think all humans are good for is making sure there is food and water in the dishes.
I’m just guessing cuz it’s hard to tell what a cat is thinking.  They rarely talk.  We dogs are always talking.  We bark, whine, growl, and whimper.  Cats purrs.  Okay, so if a cat is really, really mad it might hiss but you’d think it would at least try to learn a language to communicate with other species.

I have to admit, one thing I find interesting about cats is that they don’t have to go outside to pee and poop.  They get their humans to set up these little yards in a box right inside the house.  This is a huge advantage since they don’t have to go outside on rainy or cold days.  I wonder if I can get Mom get me one of those yards in a box.
I am going to have to do lots more investigating about cats.  They may be on to some other good things.   I’d love to hear from any dogs that live with cats.  I’m curious.  Oh my, isn’t curiosity a cat trait?

Your canine friend,


P.S. Blatant self-promotion.   Mom says we have gift baskets for pets and the people who love them and that includes Cats.  I kind of like our Cat Nappin’ gift basket cuz it has a nice soft blanket in it.  Everyone should have a nice soft blanket, even cats.