Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Can We Talk?

I love the sound of my Mom’s voice.  Well most of the time that is.  She has this way of saying my name when I’ve done something she isn’t pleased with.  You know what I mean.  I bet your Mom says your name different when you’ve been bad too.
My Mom talks to us all the time.  I like hearing the funny stories about things she does and people she meets when we aren’t with her.  I heard that it is healthy for people to talk to their dogs.  Dogs are great therapists because we are good listeners and we don’t judge.  We are also really good at keeping secrets so you can tell us anything.

We are wonderful companions for children and the elderly. We are happy to spend hour and hour with them so they can talk to us when everyone else is busy.  
Talking things over with your dog is a good way to make decisions. I especially like it when Mom asks my opinion.  The other day we were making a gift basket and she asked if I thought it had enough treats in it.  After careful consideration I said we should add just one more of the big cookies and she agreed.

It’s good for humans to talk to their dogs because it strengthens the bond between us.  I like it when Mom tells me what that I am her best Zeva dog and Dad tells me how pretty I am.  It’s true that we are more sensitive to body language than the average human but we do understand words.  What dog does not know the word “cookie” or “treat”?  Chaser, a Border Collie, understand about 1000 words!   Lots of dogs understand 200 or more words.  Just so you know, some of us are good spellers too.  V-E-T does not spell dog park!    
 My friends Bumo and Miu’s Mama sings to them.  They love it because she changes the words and makes the songs about them.  They say she has a very pretty voice. We’re glad our Mom only talks to us because we have heard her sing and it is not pretty.

Mom talks to us like we are grown up humans.  I’m glad because I don’t like it when people talk baby talk to me.  And, she usually has something important or at least somewhat intelligent to say.  I remember one time at the dog park when a lady said to her dog, “Don’t pee on your sister’s head!”  Mom started laughing.  She said to the lady, “I thought I was the only one who ever said that.”
Does your Mom or Dad talk to you a lot?  If so, what is the best thing your human says to you and what is the silliest.

Your friend,


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