Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Space

I am internet savvy dog but I'm not talking about the social media site, I'm talking about the place in our house that is all mine.  My sister DixieLee and I share our house with our two humans.  We get to play in all the rooms and even have a big fenced in place in the yard where we can run and play.

We get to sleep on the sofa, Dad's comfy chair and even the big bed.  We love sleeping on the big bed cuz we can see out of the window and watch the birds and squirrels during the day and cuddle with Mom and Dad during the night.

That's lots of places to share but there is one space in our house that is all mine.  My crate.  Nobody gets to go in my crate but me.  DixieLee tries to steal my blanket sometimes but we made the rule that we each have our very own crate.  Period.

I've had my own crates since I was a baby.  Those crates were smaller than the one I have now cuz I've grown some and crates need to be the right size.  A crate should be big enough for a dog to stand up in and turn around in and to lie down comfortably but shouldn't be too big.

Lots of people think crates are only used for house breaking.  Others think crates are places for punishment.  Sure, crates are good training tools but they should be places of safety and comfort, not places only used for punishment.  Some times we are told to go to our crates for a time out but it's only for a little minute.  When DixieLee does something and she knows she has been bad, she gives herself a time out in her crate.  Her time out usually last as long as it takes Mom to clean up whatever she has gotten into.

When there are big noises, like a thunder storm, a crate is a good place to go where we know we are safe and we get unstressed out.

A good crate should feel like a den.  Our ancestors made their homes inside of dens because they were safe places.  DixieLee's crate has wire on all the sides so Mom put a nice blanket over the top and two sides so it is private and cozy.

We have soft blankest in our crates that we can make into nests and snuggle down in.  Some people use old clothes with their scents on them which is a nice because dogs like the smell of their humans.  If you like to chew things, your humans should be careful with blankets, clothes or dog beds. 
Chewing on blankets and stuff is very dangerous for dogs and can make you very sick or even died.

When DixieLee first came to live with us, she was afraid I would steal her food so she ate in her crate.  Once she got used to me and learned I wouldn't steal her food, she started eating in the kitchen next to me.  We still eat in our crates when we have a special treat like a carrot or a marrow bone.  Mom says crate floors are easier to clean than rugs.

It's raining today and DixieLee is being a pest.  So, if you will excuse me, I think I will go in My Space for some alone time and maybe a nap.

Your friend,

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