Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gingerbread Whoofie Pies

I love my job! Like it says on my business card, I am the Product Tester for the Pet Division of Laurel Mountain Basket Co. On Saturday our friend Nancy from Cozy Home Cookies (and more) had a booth at a crafts fair in our building.  She asked me to taste test her newest dog treat, Gingerbread Whoofie Pies. 
OMG!  Delicious!  The gingerbread was soft and not too sweet and the cream cheese filling was heavenly!  Definitely worth a five paws rating.  I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting but we put one of the Whoofie Pies in the fridge and I got to sample a little piece every day to test for freshness.  I know they are supposed to be healthy but it's hard to believe healthy tastes this good.
If you live in Western Mass and want to try the Gingerbread Whoofie Pies or any of the other home made pet treats from Cozy Home Cookies, you can usually find Nancy at the Greenfield Farmers' Market or you can contact me and I'll send you her email address.
Nancy also makes the cat blankets we put into our Cat Napping Gift Baskets.
We're expecting an order of dog toys any day now from Angelica of The Smiling Pets.  She embroiders sayings on her hand made dog toys.  I'm thinking of having her embroider my name on all of the toys but Mom says that would not be nice since the toys aren't all mine.  We are buying them to add to our expanding line of pet gift baskets.   Angelica is from Maine which makes her extra special.  We like working with New England crafters.
I am constantly sniffing out great new products of our pet gift baskets so if you have any ideas, let me know.
Your Friend (a/k/a Designer and Product Tester)

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