Monday, September 26, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been a very dry summer. Some places have had so little rain that they are having a drought. Today it is raining and raining and raining. Lots of peoples are happy but me and DixieLee aren't.

We don't like droughts but we don't like getting wet either. We usually like to go outside and play in our yard, but on rainy days like today we would rather stay inside and sleep on the big bed.  We just don't like to get our paws and butts wet. Wet paws and wet fur is so yucky!

Mom and Dad have fluffy towels to dry us off the second we get back inside but it still is not fun getting wet. I think they snuggle us with a towel so quick so we don't shake off the rain in the house.

Even when I have to pee I hold off as long as I can. Lots of times I can out last the rain. If I really, really have to go, I run out and run back in as fast as I can, which is pretty fast.

On rainy days I envy cats because they have special places where they can pee indoors. I'm a big girl and I don't EVER pee in the house but for you little puppies who don't like to go out in the rain you need know that peeing in the house is a big no no.

Little puppies need to go outside when their human wants them to even if it is raining. There are things humans can do to make going out in the rain less yucky if you let them know you don't like getting wet.

Humans can get some boots and a rain coat or they can hold a roof thingy called an umbrella over you. The roof/umbrella thingy doesn't help with the wet paws and buttsbut it does keep rain off the coat.

It's really important to make sure you remind your humans to give you a treat for going out to pee in the rain. Treats make everything better.

Looks like the rain has stopped for a minute. Time to run outside for a quick pee and then back on the big bed for the rest of the day. I love watching the rain fall as long as I am inside and dry.

Stay warm and dry.

Your friend,


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  2. Thank you so much for the nice blog, Zeva. Yes, Jasper hates going out in the rain. When it's time for him to go, I run him out and let him go, then bring him in and dry him off. What a mess that rain makes. Still, I love the rain myself. I don't think Jasper would stand for having boots and rain clothes, but that's a good idea for dogs that don't have issues with people touching their feet (paws I mean). Thanks again.

    1. Hi Lali. I don't like to wear human clothes but I do wear a florescent vest when we go out during the fall time when there are hunters around. I'm not a big fan of having my feet touched but I let Mom wipe them off because it makes her feel better.
      Love to the whole gang.

  3. Hi, Zeva. I don't know anything about Jasper's background since he was in the shelter after being found wandering on his own, but I imagine someone hurt him around his paws and that's made it so he won't let me touch his paws at all. He gets really aggressive if you try anything like clipping his nails or combing the mats out of his fur. I appreciate the great blogs you share.

  4. Hey Zeva,
    I, Bumo, love the rain. I love splashing in the puddles. Miu hates it, and will only pee on dry or drier ground. When the garden is inundated during monsoons, Miu will pee in the drive way. Bad girl!

    1. Hi Bumo!
      Good to hear from you. Hope you girls and your Mom are well.

      I have tried to see the fun in splashing but it escapes me. I even walk around puddles when we go for walks.

      DixieLee can pee on the drive way or sidewalk but I don't like to cuz some of the pee can touch your feet and that is as bad as rain.

      Love to you all,

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    1. Hi Maria... Thanks for checking in. Our girls love to spend chilly winter days at the local day care too.

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